Bit Space Development

Play with markers and chalk in VR!
A custom avatar skin for Mozilla Hubs
A destructible scene using Vive Pro hand tracking
An Oculus scene generated using the Magic Leap's spatial scanning.
MRTK Quest Implementation with hand tracking
Hand tracking example on the quest
A simple Magic Leap experiment showing the COVID-19 virus
The first release of our Level Up VR series with Safe Work Manitoba
A short experience created with our Maples MET school interns
Scaffolding education & building tool
Explore a frozen maze in virtual reality
A webvr experiment using A-Frame
Developed as a demo for local fashion designer Lennard Taylor
360 content created as an example for our safety projects
Lost in the woods in a VR adventure
A project we used at Web Summit 2016 to demonstrate the Hololens 1
Adventures in science! Now in 3D!
A very early attempt at using 360 degree photography and interactive hotspots at making a game

Supported by Bit Space Development