A downloadable Experiment for Windows

This experiment uses the integrated Tobii eye tracking in the HTC Vive Pro Eye. Targets are highlighted using your focus. You will be able to shoot arrows at targets, throw smaller targets, and teleport around the scene.

This application is Windows only and you will need to set up and configure the SRanipalInstaller.


Note: Index controllers do not work with this experiment, you must be using the Vive wand style controllers.

Install instructions

  1. Make sure VIVE Pro Eye is connected to your computer. 
  2. Launch SR_Runtime. The icon should appear in the system tray.
  3. Start SteamVR if it isn't already running.
  4. Put on your headset.
  5. From the System Dashboard in VR, select VIVE Pro Eye.
  6. Read and agree to the license agreement. You need to agree to be able to use eye tracking.
  7. Unzip archive
  8. Launch Game


BSDGazeBall.zip 63 MB