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Lost Woods

A relaxing adventure game based in BC, Canada. Wander around the woods, explore , interact with the world. This game is designed for the Oculus Rift and soon the HTC Vive.

Originally posted on Game Jolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/lostwoods/261405

The Engine

This application is developed for PC using the Unity engine.


Although controls are currently limited you have 2 options for controls.


  • Looking and aiming: Oculus VR HMD
  • Movement: XBox controller


  • Looking and aiming: Oculus VR HMD
  • Movement: Keyboard input (W, A, S, D)

VR Support

This application is currently developed for VR only. Currently the only supported platform is Oculus. Supported HMDs are:

  • Oculus CV1
  • Oculus DK2

Planned Support

  • Oculus GearVR
  • HTC Vive

NOTE: You must have Oculus Home installed for this to operate properly.


Design & Development - Daniel Blair