A downloadable game for Windows

VR Maze Runner - A prototype experience

This game was developed at the Winnipeg winter game jam. 

Theme: Frozen

Platforms: Windows

The Idea

We have been quite obsessed with the idea of a generated Maze which you need to try to escape in VR. This game although quite simple has a lot of replay-ability because of the randomly generated levels.

Future Potential Features

- Network play to escape with your friends

- Dungeon master view - Connect to a server to allow a non-vr friend the ability to send you items and help you through the maze

- Dynamic maze generation sizes

How To Play


  • VR capable PC
  • SteamVR capable HMD
    • Windows Mixed Reality
    • Vive
    • Oculus
  • SteamVR runtime

Once you have launched the game you will be tasked with exploring the dark maze, torch in hand. Use track pad or joystick on Oculus to teleport around the maze.  Collect the gems which give off a blue light. when you have 5 the maze will reload with a new layout.


  • Wind
  • Fire
  • Collect items


vrmaze.zip 81 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download the zip file
  2. Unzip to your desired location
  3. Make sure the data file and executable are in the same location
  4. Launch SteamVR 
  5. Launch Game
  6. Play

Development log