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Code White: Irresponsible Science

This is a blended multiplayer game. that blends traditional gaming aspects with VR experiences, the working title is "Code White: Irresponsible Science". It's a collection of mini games that pit the player in VR against 1-3 other players on the computer all based around the central story of experiments gone wrong. Our objectives with this project are: simple, silly, fun, inclusive.


This is an early tech demo and has not been tested on all machines and may have game breaking bugs. Please report bugs to info@bitspacedevelopment.com or here in the comments.


Players will grab a controller (up to 4) to start the local split screen. One player will be in VR. Each player for the split screen experience will press the A Button to indicate that they are ready.

Once each player is ready the game will begin.

There is a 10 second window where the VR character is unable to see the other players so they can hide. The monster character will be able to start smashing the city and hunting for players.

The Goal

For each player that you throw through the ring on the outside of the play area you will get 5 points and each building you throw will give you 1 point the time left in the match will be displayed on the blimp circling the map. When the time runs out switch seats and the next player can have a turn destroying the city.



VR: In VR you are wearing the HTC Vive helmet, you use the Vive controllers to pick up enemies and smash the city.

  1. Trigger - Hold and release building and characters

Player: As a player you will utilize the controller to run around the city and hide from the player in VR.

  1. A Button - Used to jump around the level, avoid being grabbed.
  2. Left Joystick - Used to look around the level
  3. Right Joystick - Used to run around the level.

Known Bugs

  • Players may get stuck when thrown by the monster in VR
  • Spawn points are not randomized
  • Players can move buildings

Bit Space Development Ltd.
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AuthorBit Space Development
TagsMultiplayer, Retro, Sci-fi, Virtual Reality (VR)
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsXbox controller, HTC Vive
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 5